Join Norman Reedus in the fight against pediatric cancer


Norman Reedus, the actor of 'Walking Dead', raises funds for children with cancer; and who consume cannabis for medical purposes.

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon in the CMA's The Walking Dead, is again raising funds to help children with serious illnesses to obtain cannabis-based medical treatment. This time, it's the famous organization Salvataggio di Sophie who will benefit from donations raised for pediatric cancer research.

Norman Reedus Against Pediatric Cancer

In the role of Daryl Dixon with his weapon of predilection, a hunting crossbow that he handles to perfection; Norman Reedus makes an excellent killer of zombies, in the series The Walking Dead. The actor is a television star, but also a person who is committed to medical cannabis. And this is not the first time that Reedus has helped raise money for children in need of such treatment.

In January 2017, he tweeted a call for donations to for a draw featuring some of his autographed equipment (from the Walking Dead series). But, at present, for every $ 5 you give to, you are registered to win Goodies signed by Reedus.

Goodies are notoriously thought for fans of The Walking Dead ...

Salvataggio di Sophie

Salvataggio di Sophie is a non-profit organization set up by parents of Sophie Ryan, who was diagnosed with an optical pathway glioma brain tumor at the age of eight.After creating a Facebook page about the situation of their child, a friend introduced them to Ricki Lake and filmmaker Abby Epstein, who were in production on their documentary "Weed The People"

With this new connection and this new information; parents decided to use a combination of chemo and cannabis oil to treat Sophie's condition. Thus, thanks to donations to the organization, Sophie's parents "hope to hand them over to those who are now in the same financial situation as us ...".

Sophie's brain tumor has since shrunk to 90%, according to their website.

Donations will help fund the group's cancer research initiative. Currently the group is currently composed of 4 young patients and 4 adults. Thus, these 8 patients follow a "cannabinoid therapy at the same time as treatments prescribed by a doctor".

"Our goal with this research is to provide non-toxic cancer treatments; through human trials so that doctors have access to this life-saving drug. "

It is clear that the zombie hunter has a benevolent heart; especially for children seeking to use cannabis as a cancer treatment.

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